A Theatre for the City 

The Teatro Comunale di Bologna has opened its doors to the city with a number of different events and new partnerships with local cultural institutions. Our aim is to attract a wider, more diverse public to the theatre that is as diverse as possible, from all walks of life and of all ages, through encouraging theatre going both in terms of a physical space and also as a focal point for cultural activity in the city. The new Sunday event, the guided tours and the summer program all help to forge a stronger bond between local residents and their Theatre. In addition a number of reviews featuring the Teatro’s artistic corps will be held in different venues across Bologna, making the Theatre the center of a more extensive network with access to art and culture.

In addition of these events, it is possible to organize guided tours dedicated to the various areas of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, compatibly with our daily artistic activities.

For information and bookings contact our Box Office at boxoffice@comunalebologna.it