Dear audience,

Thanks to you and for you we have never stopped: we continued to work X the beauty of life, X art, X music, looking to the future with confidence.

The 5×1000 is this year more fundamental than ever for our theater: a small action that allows us to concretely support opera and musical activities, workers and artists without any additional expense. A gesture of belonging to a history, a community, such an important place for the city of Bologna.

On the occasion of the tax return he chooses to allocate 5×1000 of the Irpef deductions to support the Teatro Comunale di Bologna Foundation.

Support us on the path towards a recovery that allows us to reopen the doors of our theater as soon as possible and share again together those moments of beauty that music gives us.

OUR TAX CODE: 00308870377

Look for the section “Choice for the destination of the 5×1000 IRPEF” on the form for the tax return (CU, 730 or UNICO) and fill in the first of the seven boxes: “Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, of the Social Promotion Associations and of the recognized Associations and Foundations, which operate in the sectors referred to in Article 10 C. 1, LETT A), of Legislative Decree No. 460 of 1997 “.


No, it is not a donation, it is the destination of a part of the income tax (IRPEF), and therefore does not involve any additional cost for the taxpayer. In summary, it allows you to choose how to allocate part of the taxes paid.

No, it does not involve any additional cost. It is a choice on how to allocate part of the taxes paid, which otherwise will be the state to share.

All natural persons resident in Italy who have accrued an income subject to taxation in the fiscal year can pay the 5×1000.

If you decide not to fill in the dedicated space, the State will choose how to allocate the contribution. In the event that the dedicated section is signed, but without indicating the recipient’s tax code, the funds will be divided proportionally among all the beneficiaries of the 5×1000.

Yes, even citizens exempted from submitting the CU form can allocate their 5×1000, using the appropriate form attached to the single certification.