Club del Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Club Teatro Comunale di Bologna is the place where the Opera, Music and Dance lovers of Bologna gather together.

The Theatre is regaining its social role, bringing together enthusiasts and regional economic operators who meet to celebrate Art, the city and its Theatre, get to meet Singers, Conductors, Étoile, international artists, becoming ambassadors of the history and activities of the Teatro Comunale.

Always at the center of city life, the Teatro Comunale is now renowned on the international artistic scene for the quality of its productions and its tradition of excellence. The Theatre intends to continue its propagation of musical art and the memory of traditional Italian  opera and symphony.

To do all this the Theatre places itself at the service of companies, institutions and private citizens, thanks also to all those who support and care about the Teatro Comunale and the city of Bologna.

Gala evenings

Every year, Club members will be invited to three Gala evenings specially dedicated to them, in the presence of one or more protagonists of the Season (Singers, Conductors, Étoile).

The evenings will be exclusive occasions for meeting and networking, during which it will be possible to learn more about one of the works of the Season and spend the evening with the Theatre’s special guests.


+39 051 529930