Reductions & concessions

When buying your season ticket or ticket, you will need to show ID to benefit from any reductions.

You may also be asked for your ID when entering the theatre.

Prices and special offers

LAST MINUTE (a maximum of 2 tickets per person)

Opera season – Tickets available at 50% off the full price, on the same day of the performance.

Symphonic season – Tickets available at €20 on sale one hour before the concert. Last minute prices will not apply for the concert on 12th May




2019 Opera season – Tickets available at the price of €10 for all performances of the 2019 season, on any data and in any seating area. Available to under 18’s accompanied by an adult with a regular ticket.

2019 Dance season – Tickets available at the price of €10 for Swan Lake (5th and 6th April 2019) and Triptych (11th and 12th May 2019); valid for two under 15’s accompanied by an adult with a regular ticket.
Tickets available at the price of €5 for Instrument Jam (24th and 25th September 2019); valid for two under 15’s accompanied by an adult with a regular ticket.


Opera – Tickets available at the price of €10 for every student and graduate student regurarly enrolled at the University of Bologna  for  performance shifts B, C, P and Fuori Abbonamento d’Opera scheduled at Teatro Comunale. Tickets avaible on sale one month before the premiere of every Opera (until exhaustion),  showing the college ID and self-certification of registration at the current Academic Year. Unsold tickets for other performance shifts will also be avaible for sale at the same price, one hour and half before the performance begins.

Tickets for Opera performances discounted as “last minute” (50% of discount on full price tickets) for the staff (teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff) and University of Bologna research fellows. Tickets avaible 7 days before every performance, until exhaustion.


2019 Opera and Symphonic seasons – Tickets available at 10% off the full price, with a minimum booking of 15 seats per performance.

Theatre management may make changes to season ticket performance dates and seats for technical or organisational reasons.


The Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna supports the initiative promoted by the Prime Minister’s Office in association with the Ministry for Fine Arts and Culture and Tourism, which gives teachers and young people who turn 18 in 2018 or 2019 a voucher of 500 euros to spend on culture.
The bonus can be used to buy season tickets or individual tickets.
After generating the voucher, it has to be printed and given to the Box Office at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. ID must also be provided.
The voucher must be for the amount of the ticket. It is not possible to refund money if the voucher is for more than the cost of the ticket.
The voucher can only be used during normal advance sales times. It will not be accepted during extraordinary advance sales times related to theatre season events.

Before generating the voucher, you are advised to check actual seat availability.

More informations on how the voucher works:
18APP: Click here

For further informations, contact the Box Office by telephone or e-mail at