Ballet Nice Méditerranée



11 | 12 May

Teatro Comunale



Direttore artistico Teatro Comunale Bologna

Éric Vu-An

Ballet Nice Méditerranée, the young and versatile company, directed by Éric Vu-An, is making its début at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

Vu-An’s career, now in the international sphere, began when Rudolf Nureyev gave the nineteen-year old the role of Basilio in Don Quixote, and later other roles in Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake.

For the 2019 Dance Season, Vu-An is presenting an enthralling Triptych of outstanding works, performed by some of modern ballet’s most outstanding dancers.




Roland Petit

Inspired by Alphonse Daudet’s tale based on a real event.
The striking aspect of this work, from the outset, is its overall gravitas. The ballet corps, dressed in black and white, dances to a rigid, precise, distinct and practically military-like choreography.

Music Georges Bizet

Libretto Roland Petit by Alphonse Daudet


Three Preludes


Danza Teatro Comunale Bologna

Ben Stevenson

Ben Stevenson’s Three Preludes sees dancers perform with a continual complicity, and essential quality to enthral and entrance the audience with a performance that is elegant, moving and languid.
Two dancers during their exercises at the barre fall in love and become caught up in a superb pas de deux.

Music Sergej Rachmaninov


5 Tangos


Danza Opera de Nice Teatro comunale bologna

Hans Van Manen

5 Tangos is the maximum expression of classical dance coming together with the music of Astor Piazzolla.
The pointes of the dancers respond to the arabesques of the men on the pizzicato notes of the double bass, while each accent of the melody is performed with tones that at times are soft, and at times are hard.
The tango is a subtle blend of solemnity and fantasy, making dance an art between life and death.

Music Astor Piazzolla



Duration 93′

SAT | 11 | MAY | Turno E | H: 20.30
SUN | 12| MAY | Turno F| H: 15.30


Christine Laurent

cHoreograPHic Supervision 

Luigi Bonino

Luci e supervisione tecnica

Jean-Michel Désiré