OCEANO DI SUONI - tales in music curated by PIERFRANCESCO PACODA



Franco Battiato is a very refined experimenter. Successful author, he managed to reconcile, during an extraordinary career, the pleasure for the research and the absolute perfection of the pop song. This tribute is also, above all, an invitation to discover. A journey that will make us meet hidden gems of his repertoire, compositions in which the artist has granted himself absolute freedom, modulating his unique voice in harmony with the timbres of both electronic instruments (the future) and those of ethnic traditions planetary (the roots). Pierfrancesco Pacoda’s words will act as a counterpoint to Franco Battiato’s repertoire chosen and interpreted by Beatrice Anolini.

Beatrice Antolini



Pierfrancesco Pacoda

Monday 20 July | H 21.00

Teatro Comunale

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