conversation with MASSIMO ZAMBONI

There is an Emilia that has been masterfully interpreted and returned by the images of the photographer Luigi Ghirri. A land at the same time hard, peasant, archaic, even, but at the same time surreal, out of the usual coordinates of geography and time. A land that the CCCP and CSI have told, mixing the punk rites with those of the ‘country’, looking for connections between Carpi and Berlin, between Lower and Mongolia. A world of urban and rural landscapes that has found its best voice on their records. A world that will be recalled by the words of Pierfrancesco Pacoda and by the songs of Massimo Zamboni who, together with Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, was the protagonist of that lively and original experience.

Massimo Zamboni



Pierfrancesco Pacoda

Monday 27 July | H 21.00

Teatro Comunale

With a view to maximizing the protection of its public and in compliance with the indications on the safety spacing contained in the DCPM of 11 June 2020 (art.1 lett. M) The Theater makes available to spectators the following purchase options:
Whole stage 3 seats * | Whole stage 2 seats * | Single stage 1 seat | Poltronissima (stage).
It should also be noted that the positioning of the orchestra will be in the audience behind the stage; therefore stalls are not offered for sale.
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* The purchase of the entire stage is possible only if the occupying spectators are not subject to the obligations of interpersonal distancing.