Who chose the TCBO

The Teatro Comunale di Bologna is now increasingly open to the productive society and to the companies that are based in Bologna or identify in this city important occasions of commercial, industrial and exhibition interest.

Every year many companies choose the Teatro Comunale for the opportunities offered and for the many types of collaboration that the Theatre offers.



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Become a sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Always at the centre of city life for the quality of its productions and its location, the Teatro Comunale is a key player in the cultural and urban structure of Bologna.

Through the valuable contribution of Sponsors and Supporters, the Theatre has the possibility to design new Exhibitions and events, increase the quality of its productions and consolidate its role as a centre of artistic productions of excellence, operating with a view to sharing and cultural participation.

With its high artistic profilepublic participation, the visibility of events, the Teatro Comunale can help enhance the corporate image and strengthen the internal and external relationships of companies, allowing the economic operators of the territory to take part in the dissemination of art and musical culture.

Becoming a Sponsor of Teatro Comunale allows you to:

Sponsor an Opera Title, Season of Dance and Symphony, support individual concerts and special events, contribute to the architectural and technical improvement of the Theatre, promote Tours, Reviews and training activities.

Depending on the type of partnership desired, each Sponsor has access to specific and exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Brand visibility
  • Promotion of the corporate image
  • Use of Theatre Spaces
  • Services for employees and partners
  • Special events
  • Corporate welfare events

The Theatre Development Area is at your disposal to help identify the proposal that best suits your needs.

More info:
+39 051 529930

Organise an event

Organise an event

The Teatro Comunale di Bologna offers a number of different location options, giving you the chance to host your own unforgettable event.
Choose from 5 locations: Sala Bibiena, Respighi Foyer, Rossini Foyer, Rotonda Gluck and the Terrace, to which the elegant halls of the Teatro Manzoni are added.

By booking an evening event at the Teatro Comunale, you can make the most of communications and public relations with your guests, organising conventions, anniversaries, special events, concerts with the Teatro Comunale Orchestra and Choir, with a profile worthy of the prestige of an Opera House.

The Theatre’s Marketing Team will collaborate with your organization and assist in promoting the event you sponsor.

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