Il Teatro Comunale abbraccia la città

The Teatro Comunale opens again to the city with a new edition of the project “Un Teatro in Comune” to share the beauty of the musical heritage with citizens, fans and all those who, also in the light of the events related to the health emergency, do not have the opportunity to attend the Theatre: 3 programs of chamber music, opera, choral and symphonic, replicated in 11 events in which the music “comes out” from the Theatre to reach sensitive places in Bologna chosen for their marked social function, becoming a vehicle for collective growth and inclusion.

The concerts will feature the artists and the orchestra of the School of Opera, as well as the Children’s Chorus and the Youth Chorus of the Theatre, and will be performed adapting to the different logistical characteristics of the venues reached, enhancing the beauty of a repertoire that alternates songs universally known to musical jewels of rare performance.

The events, all free, are dedicated to the host facilities, but some will be open to the public. The latter can be accessed by reservation.

The music leaves the theater to reach schools, hospitals, detention centers, retirement homes, reception centers and health centers, where it can be a vehicle for collective growth, inclusion and relief.


UN TEATRO IN COMUNE 2021 (eng) | Concerto di Natale

DEC 18th | 6pm
DEC 20th | 5pm
DEC 22th | 6pm

UN TEATRO IN COMUNE 2021 (eng) | La leggerezza del genio

OCT 7th | 9.30am
OCT 7th | 11.30am
OCT 7th | 3pm

UN TEATRO IN COMUNE 2021 (eng) | Viva l’Opera italiana!

SEP 23th | 6pm
SEP 24th | 10am
SEP 24th | 6pm
SEP 25th | 10am
SEP 25th | 6pm